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I have always been fascinated by the natural ways of maintenance physical and mental health those we can not separate from each other. Very often the problem that is presented by the Patient is not a cause but just a result of former dysfunction. This is why I start a treatment from a consultation and tests.

I qualified in Remedial Massage in 2015 and in Manipulative Therapy in 2016 in Nottingham at the Midlands School of Massage&Manipulative Therapy. I have experience in trigger point therapy, relaxation, deep tissue, sport and lymphatic massage.

My approach is to work broadly and slowly with the muscles and tissues. I also aim to build great, reliable and trustworthy relationships with my clients going forward.

Book with us to keep your body healthy and your mind calm.

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María Calero


Why a psychologist becomes a physical therapist? I always had equal interest for both, the physical body as well as the mind. As a psychologists, I have an interest in happiness and well-being.  I strongly believe that physical well-being plays a huge role in happiness and psychological health. For that reason, I took modules on Nutrition and Human Biology during my first degree and, during the last year doing the undergraduate, I started my studies in remedial massage and sports therapy, injury and rehabilitation. I graduate as a Therapists a month after graduating as a Psychologist. 

Phoenix Therapy, which I founded in 2016, is the result of my passion for health, happiness and well-being. As a physical therapist, I can help my clients to deal with pain, stress, lack of mobility and injury, and to get them back to their normal activity and full potential as soon as possible.  

Maria Calero




  • MSc in Occupational Psychology
  • BSc (Honours) in Psychology
  • Sports Therapy, Injury & Rehabilitation
  • Remedial Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Acupressure Chair Massage

If you are not sure whether Phoenix Therapy can help you, contact me by email, text or phone, or book a 20 minutes free consultation!

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